I have that memorable quality.


After a long day of moving, I had just one more load to bring up and it was light.  Nine pounds, according to my vet.

One thing I have come to understand about my cat Mau over the years is that if you treat him like an animal, he’ll oblige you and act like one, but if you treat him like a civilized equal, he will do as you ask, just because you asked nicely.  I never transport Mau in a cage.  He’s free range, even in the car.  Arriving in the underground parking at my new place, I parked and tucked him under my arm.  I hit the button for the elevator, and as I waited, my mind drifted to how nice it would be to settle in for the night.   As the door started to open, I was already moving towards it ….

My new neighbor G was just heading out for a quick drink, after a long day of  …. I’m not sure, something lucrative though, if the cars in his space are any indication.  I’m sure his mind was somewhere else as well, and when the elevator doors opened, I imagine a run-in with Mau and me was the last thing he was expecting.

There was a near collision, and I was so startled that I screamed.  He jumped backwards into the elevator doorframe.  Mau had the most sensible reaction of the three of us.  He slipped from my arms to rotating around my face, via my shoulders and some levitation, like a small furry moon orbiting the planet of my head.  Then he decided to watch the situation play out from the vantage point of the top of my head.

Mau still clinging to my scalp, I greeted my new neighbor.  “I’ll see you around.”

“I’ll remember you,” he said.


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  1. How are Mau and Bella getting along? I’d imagine that they both want ooodles of VJ (doesn’t everything?)

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