If I ever snap …


… it will prolly sound something like this.

“There is no such thing as ‘pinging’ someone. There is no pinging machine. I can often infer from the context that you mean ‘call’ or ’email,’ but not always so stop fucking saying that, and just say ‘call’ or ’email,’ for the love all all that is holy. Also, if there was such a thing as a ping, the word would still be dead from overuse.”


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  1. “ping”…. is what Mexican guns sound like.

    not to be confused with the American guns that sound like this: “bang bang”

    No really.

    Although now that I’m reading back this comment, I think I’d rather be banged than pinged… therefore your statement still stands as correct.

  2. Oh thank God that expression hasn’t reached your office.

    It means to contact someone, basically. You hear a lot of “Ping so-and-so and get him on this immediately.” Execs use it because they’re always looking for cool new was to say the same shit every other generation of executives have said.

  3. The managers around my office use it too, but it’s because they all have Blackberrys. Pinging is actually different from calling or emailing. It’s kind of like a text message, for Blackberry, and it’s free between Blackberrys.

  4. For what it’s worth, ping hasn’t caught on as a verb among the faculty at my small college, and I don’t think I’ve heard the students use it. But then, most don’t have blackberries and most have dial-up (if any internet) at home.

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