Just imagine the cover.


Dave (Brady’s brother/roommate) – “I was watching The Today Show-”

Valancy Jane – “The Today Show?  You are so gay.”

Dave – “Anyway.  They were talking about this website were you could imput your name and the name of your boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever, and some details, and they would paste it into a trashy romance novel, customized for you.”

Valancy Jane – “I’m getting one about you and Brady.  Or one about me and Matt Damon.”

Dave – “Seemed like the sort of thing you or Aurora would get a kick out of.”

Valancy Jane – “I’m going to order one about me and Aurora.”

Dave – “……………………….. Please order an extra copy for me.”

Valancy Jane – “I can just picture having to tell Aurora, “so I ordered you this book for fun and then it sold a million copies and ……….. we have a book tour next month.  Oops!'”


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