Lola said it best.


Miscarriage. I hate the word. It sounds so…casual, like dropping your fork on the floor or causing the smoke alarm to go off because you forgot to check on the brownies. It should sound more like what it is: a death.


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  1. My list of hated words from my experience: “miscarriage”– I always thought it sounded like fumbling, as if I a better grip would have it all okay.
    “lose your baby” as if I misplaced it. “Product of conception” (once I learned about molar pregnancies, I was glad that fabulous unborn Ewaldina was a product of conception rather than a tumor, but goodness gracious she/he was a child, not a product!) “D +C”– I don’t care if it is the same surgical procedure, I was not aborting my conception products. “Fetal demise” at least that is what it was, but the clinical nature makes so much pain.

    Of course, I was not as bold as you, and when I finally blogged about it, I used my own euphamistic language, “My much anticipated reason for not drinking sparkling wine is no more” (admittedly, I never said I was pregnant either, I had said I had a reason to not drink sparkling wine and that she/he was due in July).

    Thanks for being bold and keep wallowing/reveling/hiding/relaxing in all the love that is being poured your way.

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