My boss said to take as much time as I need.


It’s a strange turn of events when my boss knows more details of my life than my beloved internet. Not that my boss isn’t a lovely, warm man, the discreet sort you can totally confide in, it’s just that you, Internet, are collectively my best friend, second to Aurora, and maybe red wine.

It’s just that other people have been my voice in my personal life, spreading the horrible news that I have so much trouble even typing. I can’t get someone else to blog for me.

It’s up to me to tell you. Just … gimmie a little more time.


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  1. Yes, take the time you need Lovebug! The internet loves you even more than you love it! I know! Hard to believe!! We are all here for you!

    *Big old hug and head strokes*

  2. Todd – Could someone make that happen?

    Sammers – You have the advantage of being able to both love and virtual-love me. Or that’s my advantage. Either way, can I take advantage?

  3. Yes, please do.

    Though being the virtual you might be proving more difficult…today I merely told them that I was you pretending to be me. I think I’ve convinced them…for now…

  4. I think they have some at the San Diego zoo. Maybe they will let you hug them if you explain that they are really cut and you need too. Or you can go to Australia and I sure they have them at the petting zoo.

  5. i’ve been a long time reader, but not really a comment-er. i just wanted to say though that i think you’re a fabulous person, one of the last really decent people left in the world. While i hope your news isn’t what i’m thinking it is, i feel extremely bad on your behalf. for whatever that’s worth. but i know you have a very strong connection of friends and people who love you and you’ll get through whatever’s going on with you. i think you’re an absolutely lovely girl. I just wanted to let you know. Please take care…

  6. Sammers – You’re prolly a better me than me.

    Valeri – Thank you hon. I hate that anyone understands this, and love having people understand, all at once, if that makes sense. *hug*

    Aurora – Your FACE made me giggle. Thank you honey. Once again I find myself saying that I don’t think I would have survived without you.

    Ed – Love you too kid. *hug*

    Rebekahseats – Wow, what lovely things to say, they could only come from a kind and lovely soul. So I’m really happy to meet you.

  7. Oh VJ, it’s 5:30 on Friday and I’m supposed to be on my way home and I thought I’d stop by for some giggles, and now I’m weeping and can’t even type myself. Oh dear. Please wallow in the hugs of the internet world and the koalas and friends in person, and know that you are loved. We do care and you are loved. You’re not alone.
    If this is what we’re all assuming, I am so sorry (if it’s something else, I’m probably sorry also, but my condolences would probably be different). I miscarried last year (how I hate all the words associated– miscarrying sounds like fumbling a football because I wasn’t holding on tight enough and “lost my baby” ugh, my sweetie and I are absent minded but I’d really don’t think we’d misplace our child), and the thought it is might have happened to someone else I care about just makes me angry at the fates. Unfortunately, there are way too many women around who have some idea about what you are going through from personal experience (I won’t suggest that anyone can truly understand) and our collective hugs go out to you. My personal hugs also. Be good to yourself. Hug. Hug. Hug.

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