Valancy Jane says:
We believe in snow like people in the Pacific Northwest believe in Bigfoot. We all know someone who claims to have seen it.

Rhett says:
I can guarantee you that snow exists.

Aurora says:
so YOU say

Valancy Jane says:
I want to see Bigfoot so bad.

Aurora says:
really?! he sounds scary :/

Colsy says:
no kidding
a co-worker saw him twice
he likes kids
has stinky poop

Valancy Jane says:
Well, to be a bit more specific, I want to meet a Bigfoot and become his friend and let him give me piggy back rides and I’d make him tea parties and we’d be so happy.

Aurora says:
but he’s all grody and hairy!

Colsy says:
b/c you just know some little old lady is feeding him breadcrumbs every day

Valancy Jane says:
He lives in the woods, of course he’s dirty.
Maybe if he became my new roommate he’d be cleaner.
And we could do a reality show, full of our goofy hijinks.

Rhett says:
Tyra could interview him and then do a show about her feelings.

Colsy says:

Valancy Jane says:
That show would be the pinnacle of my entire existence.


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