What happens when you meet people off the interwebs.


This weekend I got to spend some time with our visiting Sassy, and she gave me  many, many (SWEET JESUS WOMAN YOU GIVE A LOT OF PRESENTS) things.  Jewelry (yes, and not a little), awesome orange baby spoons, and a birthing cd (which I figure is either a seminar by a coach, or a mix tape of trance hits to be played during delivery so either way AWESOME).

Then Sassy signed us up for massages.  Fifty minutes of bliss, half way through I agreed to name my child after Kristin, my masseuse.   (I’m lucky that’s all she asked for.)


Then Sassy gave me this goddess oil.  She is obviously trying to soften me up for eating, and you know what?  I don’t mind.


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  1. It was my absolute pleasure and honor to hang out with your lovely self this weekend.
    I think we need to do it again very soon!

    Since the Montana skiing is prolly out for you right now, I think we should aim for May in San Fran! I’ll be there from the 5-9th…

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