You wouldn’t be the first to suggest that we need a life.


One of the character traits I share with my brother Jesse is the level of commitment we bring to a joke.

Jesse and Bethany had a roommate for awhile, one of Jesse’s best friends, Jordan.  Jordan would tease them about being an old married couple and sometimes call them “mom and dad.”

Jordan recently moved out into his own place, and as a memento, Jesse grew a mustache and arranged a formal portrait session.









The only thing funnier is when they start to lose it, like Jimmy Fallon in pretty much all his sketches.



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  1. I must be adopted into your family. Do you hear me? I HAVE TO OR I WILL DIE!

    I will never look at a skateboard the same way again. Every time I see one from here on out, I will bust a gut.

    Bethany is super pretty and I want her to be my mama.

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