Soft pretzel with nacho cheese


Brady – “Here’s your food, hon.  They looked at me weird when I ordered.”

Valancy Jane – “I frequently find myself explaining that I’m pregnant when I order food.”


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  1. OMG…those have to be the funniest pictures of all time…I LOVE THEM!

    We should totally do some like that…glamor shots anyone?

  2. What’s people’s problem anyways with the whole “staring” thing? I mean you KNOW they secretly crave ice cream with nacho cheese and soft pretzels dipped in ice cream, right?

    Actually, my kids do a couple of “pregnant craving” things like Big Mickey puts ketchup on his mac and cheese and relish, ketchup and mustard on his chili dogs and Annequin drinks pickle juice out of a glass and they both dip their fries in sweet and sour sauce.

    So tell Brady things/cravings could be worse, right? LOL

  3. I’m learning that lots of people apparently don’t crave that stuff.
    I think it’s just a pregnancy/weird people (but I love weird people so obviously no offense meant) thing.

  4. I wasn’t aware that soft pretzels and nacho cheese was weird. That is just good food especially if you have a cold beer with it or kool aide.

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