I have plenty more where that came from.


Long-Suffering IT Guy – *attempting to reassemble my printer, after diassembling my botched attempt at reassembly*

Valancy Jane – *bloggi- uh …….. working*

Long-Suffering IT Guy – “Ok.”

Valancy Jane – “Is Boris alive again?”

Long-Suffering IT Guy – “Possibly.”  *hooks up wires*  “Can you print a test page or something?”

Valancy Jane – “Sure.”

Boris the Printer – *spits out page, along with a sad little grinding noise*

Long-Suffering IT Guy – “What is this?”

Valancy Jane – “That’s a picture of Rudolf, my bunny!  Isn’t he cute?  You can keep it.”

Long-Suffering IT Guy – *shakes head and resumes tinkering*  “Ok.  Go ahead and print out about ten more pages to get rid of the ink smudging.”

Valancy Jane – “WHEEEEEEEEEE!”

Long-Suffering IT Guy – “I’m going now.”

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  1. Please pick Riley Jane for the girl. Riley is my DREAM name for a girl, I AM SO SUPER SERIOUS!!! In fact, if I gave birth to 8 babies right this second (besides surprising and terrifying the holy shit out of my husband) I would use all four of those names! Good job! But where’s Oscar Wilde? I love Oscar Wilde!

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