Dayquil, grammar, marriage and unicorns.


Rhett says:
So how many doses of Dayquil is too many doses?

Valancy Jane says:
For me?

Rhett says:
I have a grammar question
Which is correct: “How many doses is too many doses?” or “How many doses are too many doses?”

Jonny Opinion says:

Rhett says:
Because I don’t know if you’re technically referring to a group of doses or simply a single number representative of doses.
That is what I also thought.

Jonny Opinion says:
I’m British, and therefore incapable of grammatical error.

Rhett says:
This is why we love you.

Jonny Opinion says:
It’s very convenient.  I don’t even have to think about it, I’m just automatically correct.

Valancy Jane says:
I think it’s ‘are,’ actually.
But then, I’m not the right person to ask.

Rhett says:
But Jonny is incapable of making a mistake.

Valancy Jane says:
That’s not true.

Jonny Opinion says:
Yes VJ.  I know you’re pregnant and perhaps a little hormonal but surely you haven’t forgotten this very basic truth.

Valancy Jane says:
Jonny hasn’t asked me to marry him lately.
OBVIOUSLY a mistake.

Jonny Opinion says:
I married you last night, while you were asleep.

Valancy Jane says:

Jonny Opinion says:
Check your ring finger.
**Waits patiently for an apology**

Valancy Jane says:
But still.  You’re supposed to do it while I’m awake sometimes, to reassure me of my beauty and desirability.

Jonny Opinion says:
**Goes back in time 10 minutes**
Will you marry me you sexy mama?

Valancy Jane says:
Yes, of course I will.
*marries Jonny*
*travels back to present time*
Hey Jonny, look.  It’s our 11 minute anniversary.
What did you get me?

Jonny Opinion says:
A unicorn called Calvin
covered in glitter
on a trampoline

Valancy Jane says:

11 responses »

  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU GUYS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best “work” days are the ones where I get to chat with all my Lovebugs! Maybe tomorrow!!

  2. Jonny’s right.
    My Philosophy professor is British, and they are without a doubt the most grammatically obsessed people ever.

    And fun to listen to….

  3. Yeah, but they talk funny.

    Or is it us?

    I guess it depends on what side of the line you’re at? LOL

    Johnny IS a smart man even without the grammar thingy majiggy talent.

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