We’re all traumatised by the note.


Valancy Jane – “Psst.  Come here, I want to show you something.”

Coworker M – “Ok.”

*walks to the break room*

Valancy Jane – “Do you remember the whole …. Butter Kerfuffle?  The Margarine Dustup of November ’08?”

Coworker M – “When someone got upset that their butter was being used communally and there was some big note on the door of the fridge?”

Valancy Jane – “Yep.   So then to ease the tension over The War for Butter Independence, someone went out and bought a big tub of margarine and wrote “for communal use” on it.  This was like, two months ago, right?”

Coworker M – “Yeah.”

Valancy Jane – “I just opened it today.  Look at this.”

Coworker M – *burst out laughing*  “No one has used it!”

Valancy Jane – “Stolen butter must taste so much better.”


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