The baby did it.


No, really.  This isn’t like when the baby forgot to do the dishes, or when the baby left the heat on.  This one is really, truly the baby’s doing.

My desk is an L shaped desk, set into a corner, facing outwards.  To exit, I slide between my filing cabinet with my printer (“Boris”) on top, and a bin full of catalogs that no one seems to want that are waiting for the recycling.  A bit of a squeeze, I have to twist my hips to do it, but it’s no trouble.   All smooth sailing.

But now I have a baby bump.  And a broken printer, because my tiny little pouch took the last little bit of space and bumped the printer straight down onto the floor, and into six pieces.

But hey, s/he is just a baby.  Can’t be mad, right?


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  1. I just stumbled across your name on flickr… and my cousin has the name Valancy Jane, and I know no one else with that name, I think she found it in a movie?
    Congrats on the upcoming baby.

  2. The name is from a book by Lucy Maud Montgomery, called The Blue Castle, and it’s excellent.
    That’s where I got the name, and here’s the ironic twist. My real name?


  3. HAHAHA! To this blog post about your cute little baby bump (Who DOES NOT DESERVE A TIME OUT but rather a cupcake!) and total laugh points to Twinks J-Lo booty. Also, share some of the curves, sista’s! Mama needs to stop spending so much money on padded bras!

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