The belly rubbing has begun.


And yes, at eleven weeks, there is now something to rub. It’s not obvious unless I’m naked (and of course, I frequently am) or in yoga pants.

Sam gave me a pair (my first! they had training wheels!) and I smiled, thinking she was way ahead of herself.

But now there’s a small, but definite circle emerging out of my torso. keeps me updated on the size of my baby, and every week it relates my baby to a food item. We started at a sesame seed, and moved on past grape (a bit odd to read while eating a grape), through a week of persimmon size, and we’re now at fig size. My uterus is now bigger than a grapefruit, and I’m left with the uncanny suspicion that I’m incubating a fruit salad.  As if the pregnant woman needed to be reminded of food.

I feel very very pretty. There’s some intangible component to pregnancy hormones. It’s not that your boobs are huge, which they are, or that you’re doing something really amazing and important with your body, which you are. You just feel irresistible. And when you start with someone as vain as myself …. well, I can hardly stand myself.


You can’t either, I’m sure. I mean, RAWR.

What I do feel lacking in is creativity. The baby took it all. And considering that this is the week s/he learns to open and close his or her little fists, I can assume s/he’s in there in my uterus, with my creativity, and a Bedazzler.


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  1. Death Certificate:

    Person: Amber
    Date: 01/27/09
    Time: 10:31 a.m.
    Cause of death: VJ cuteness overload. Heart gave out. Couldn’t stand all the adorableness.
    Last Words: VJAMBER FOREVA!

  2. if that child knows what’s good for it, it not only knows how to use a bedazzler, but is also working on a marketing plan for a line of the cutest baby outfits ever.
    you know…
    so it can support your craft and pita collection at work.

  3. You are hands down the most adorable pregnant person I have EVER seen.

    Can’t wait to hang out… I will bring the magic creative potion with me all the way from Canada just for you.


  4. At thirteen weeks my little peach is plotting ways in which to set fires (sparkly, shiny fires!) with your little fig (’cause if we’re related by pyromania, our kids, well they’re going to be setting the world on fire [and not just with their cuteness]) and doing a lot of gymnastics. (Not that I can feel her/him moving per se, but somethings gotta be moving down there to make all the sudden changes in how my abdomen feels. And really, how could a child of mine not be taking advantage of a crazy warm weightless grapfruit to jump around in?)

    My belly touching started with my ex-boyfriend at New Year’s but I was giggling so hard he couldn’t feel what he was feeling for (he’s a good friend and a massage therapist, but it still was a bit surreal) and another friend patting it for luck (I have become a Buddha and I’m not even showing!).

    You’re inspirational in feeling hot. My boobs were already big enough that I downplay them (not that you’rs weren’t also luscious preprgnancy) and as a college professor, the last thing that I want to emphasize to my 19-year-old students is that my ta-tas are far more bodacious than ever, so I’ve been reticent to point out the wonders of my curves.

    Keep flaunting it!

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