Random subject change


Valancy Jane says:
So now that I’m pregnant, I’m peeing, like, all the time.

Rhett says:
Shit. Maybe I’m pregnant.

Valancy Jane says:
So to break up the monotony, I rotate stalls. There are three ladies rooms here, with a total of 8 stalls.
First I start with the large downstairs ladies room, and work left to right down the four stalls.
Then the bathroom in Engineering starting with the small stall, then on to the large one.
Then upstairs, small stall first, large last.
Lather rinse repeat.

Kim says:
Which is the best?

Valancy Jane says:
The second stall in the large downstairs bathroom.

Kim says:
Is it the cleanliness or the fact it’s well-stocked?

Valancy Jane says:
It’s the most interesting.
I think it’s haunted.
Sometimes you here a woman humming to herself but there’s no one there, and sometimes the door closes by itself, really forcefully for no reason.
Sometimes it sticks, and then comes loose all of a sudden, for no reason.

Kim says:
See, that would be my least favourite bathroom.

Valancy Jane says:
But nothing bad happens.

Kim says:
Terror happens!

Valancy Jane says:
The only thing I find scary about it is the idea that I’ll still be peeing in the afterlife.


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  1. Yes. At least 8 times a day with all the pregnancy peeing. I think that’s the stall her and her lover used to do the sexy thing for years until she passed away. Now she haunts it to cling on the best memories of her sad existence.

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