I will buy …


this, if I have a boy.  Or a lesbian.


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  1. Huh. While I am neither a boy nor a lesbian and I do not have a bow tie, I never thought I couldn’t wear one. If someone were hip enough to buy me one, I’d wear it, as would my future daughter/son.

  2. cute!
    Dressing them is one of the best parts…aside from the snuggling. Yesterday Tommy was dressed like a polar bear. He will hate me in the future but for now, I”m having a good time.

  3. My parents let me dress the way I wanted when I was little. I wore a blue tutu for a whole year with long red knee socks on my arms as if they were stocking gloves.

  4. Hhahaha….I was about to say I want one of those myself…actually…I already did, just on the wrong entry…that’s me…always a step behind your wonderful behind 😉

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