Want a peek inside my drawers?


I reorganized my desk on Friday, whipping it into shape to do the important work I do. In other words, I needed to sort the work stuff so there’s enough room for my toys and deli menus.

One drawer for paper and labels ….


…. and one drawer for old headsets and sign in logs. The drawer of stuff I’m not sure I’m allowed to throw away.


Now on to the important stuff.  Like food!


Tea, and my hairbrush, because I’m fancy.


What’s more important that those?  Craft supplies, of course.


What more could I possibly need?  Toys, and more craft supplies.


Now show us what’s in your drawers, and let us guess what your job is.  Those of you who don’t know I’m a receptionist are probably surprised to know that I don’t work in child care.



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  1. I bet you’re the most popular receptionist in your city. In fact, you’re probably one of the reasons the head honchos list as a “top ten reasons why you should work for our company”

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