Why babies cry.



Let’s examine the print.  If the print were on a much smaller scale and in a slightly different color palate, I would prolly like it.  I simply wouldn’t, under any circumstances, like this much of it.

Why do they DO that?  Take a design, say a flower or a puppy, and repeat it on EVERYTHING, until it’s no long a motif, but an angry mob of flowers or puppies that slap your forehead and say, “HAVE YOU NOTICED US YET? HOW ABOUT IF I’M CARVED INTO THE MATCHING ELECTRIC OUTLET COVERS?  HOW ABOUT NOW?”

I mean, look at this set.  It wasn’t enough to repeat the print on the lampshade, they had to give it a matching scrunchie dress up the pole?

We get it.  It’s a set.  I wouldn’t want to see a naked Matt Damon this many times over in one room, and that print is no naked Matt Damon.

If you’d like to order this set, it’s available here.  Perhaps you’re invited to the baby shower of someone who ran over your cat?  Also, if you can find a baby bedding collection that’s uglier, I’d love to see it.


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  1. http://www.blauenltd.com/CribLinensinPink.html

    Only because the bright pink looks like it vomitted all over the sheets.

    But it isn’t as ugly as the one above.

    This makes me eyeballs itch.


    I love the pink and brown combo as much as the next person but this makes me start ovulating just looking at it-TOO MUCH PINK!!!!!!


  2. This make me feel like it will cause my child to be hyperactive:




    HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA! You have to get your kid this! YOU HAVE TO!!! YOU MIGHT BE A REDNCEK IF:


    You buy this for your newborn!

  3. http://www.cribs.com/crib-bedding/traditional-crib-bedding/alyssaprestonhighinthesky4piececribset.cfm

    You’d have to be high to buy your kid this! HAHA! Okay, it’s not that bad but I just wanted to use that joke!


    Check that out-they have some cute stuff. But who is this Alyssa Preston designer chick? She makes some butt ass ugly baby blankies!

    Also, I have noticed that a lot of the ensembles that I reacted negatively to wasn’t because it was ugly perse, it’s just because they overdo it! Like, let’s have a normal color wall coloring that doesn’t match the crib and let’s have other things on the wall that doesn’t tie-in to the pattern on the blankets. IT IS OKAY TO TAKE IT EASY WITH THE PATTERN AND THEME!!!!

    hahaha-this is fun!

  4. Please tell me you will do a Pirate theme. That would be SWEET!!!

    (Unless of course, you’ve been thinking of a theme for years and will be going with that.)

    But! If we get a vote, put me down for Pirates! What? It is to unisex!

  5. OH NOooooooooooooooooo!!! I must have really bad taste because I loved ALL of the ones you posted Amber. Except the cameflauge one. I they are boooootteeeeeefulllll.

  6. To be fair Twink, aside from the camo one, the others weren’t so bad other than the fact that they were just overdone. I love the pink and brown look but not in that quanity! TOO MUCH! And the pink and white one is pretty except there is too much pink and the pink is too bright for my taste. The bright flower one is just too much. Either go for the bright color or all the flowers but not both! The plane one is okay but too busy as well. Veaj’s pick was the ugliest though. And here’s a cookie from me too. *wink* You know why!

  7. And what about the 80’s with all that day-glo? Day-glo leggings, day-glo shirt that hangs off one shoulder, day-glo scrunchies, day-glo jellies, day-glo rubber bracelets. OVERKILL DEFINED!


    Whatever bitches! Do not leave me hanging! You know y’all dressed like that too.

    (And the ducks weren’t so bad after we roasted them for dinner.)

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