Pregnancy has hit like a mild roofie.


I want to stress that it’s not an unpleasant sensation.  I know pregnancy hormones nudge every woman in a slightly different emotional direction.  I’m lucky that “unnatural calm” is what I’ve gotten out of it.  The fatigue and the lovely drowsy calm have sorta robbed me of my pep, though.  I haven’t been writing as much.

But there are so many naps to take, and episodes of Dexter* to watch.

(What would be more awkward to explain to my child later, if I named them Dexter, that they were named after a murderer, or that they were named after a TV show?)

I’m promised that my energy will return soon, so bear with me.  I’ll take a picture of my boobs, and then you’ll all forgive me, I’m sure.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I promised Brady that I’d stay awake through dinner and a movie tonight.


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  1. Hey is Dexter that show about the serial killer cop? Do you know if it’s out on DVD yet? I’d really love to watch it.

    Also, what movie did you snore through OOps.. I mean, watch with Brady after all?

  2. Just wait until little Dexter is a teenager and then the only thing you’ll be is bald. Don’t ask how I know this. *PULLS HAIR OUT BECAUSE SON WAITS UNTIL LAST MINUTE TO DO REPORT AND THE PRINTER BREAKS* AHHHHHHHH!


    Just kidding. Being a parent is like, the best thing ever!

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