Still married to Aurora, though.


Brady – “Thanks to you, there are now more tagged photos of me on Facebook than photos I uploaded myself.”

Valancy Jane – ‘I’m pretty sure that makes it official.  I think you’re my boyfriend.”


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  1. It’s true. Facebook makes everything offiical. I’m pretty sure they even have to post new laws there before they take effect.

  2. Absolutely.

    Or if his toothbrush is at your house, or yours at his.

    Or if he lets you his letterman’s jacket.

    If he lets you wear his class ring, well, then that means you have let him “cop a feel” at least.

    Uh… I think you guys are probably closer to the toothbrush thing though, right? 😉

  3. Valeri – Yes. Facebook is law.

    Twink – Wait, I’m supposed to get a class ring out of letting him cop a feel?

    ‘Rez – Apparently having his baby doesn’t make it official.

    Amber – Everyone likes it here, right?

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