First official weird pregnancy craving.


I don’t expect you to understand this, but a bowl of cheerios with avocado slices in it sounds really good.


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  1. I went through many boxes of Coco Pebbles. The things I put on it varied from week to week. Keep eating cereal, you need the folic acid!

  2. Uhmmm…. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

    Don’t worry! I swallowed it.

    I guess it’s better than my craving. I would craving cigarettes. And I don’t even smoke!

  3. Yep, the craving of non-edible items is called PICA. I luckily did not have it and I really did not have many weird cravings so much as I craved things I normally did not like to eat. I was a maniac for lemon-lime soda (which I forced myself to drink sparingly) and I do not drink soda ever. I was in love with twinkies (not Norma Norm-the dessert. I mean I love Norma but I did not want to eat her…ew. You know what I mean.) And I LOVED kiwi on my twinkies. They may be a little weird.

    But seriously with the avacodo and cheerios? HAHA! That is strange. I love that you have strange cravings.

  4. FYI – if you eat something weird, your kid might pick it up too. A kid I went to school with could eat lemons w/out puckering up, all b/c his mom did that when she was pregnant with him.

    I’ve heard of chalk cravings before…

  5. The world needs more nacho eaters!

    I LOVE lemons and don’t pucker up when I eat them. Now my mom, on the other hand… makes the funniest faces. tee hee.

  6. I know this is nearly 5 months late, but I craved sliced mushrooms specifically from a can marinated in honey BBQ sauce, straight Italian dressing, and garlic. that isn’t all though… i went as far as to crave it with mashed potato’s and chedder cheese, all blended together in a delicious(however revolting now) meal.

    Another one I had was rice and soy with… believe it or not, shredded slim jim beef jerky in it.

    this all hit about my 2nd trimester or so.

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