I don’t believe a word that comes out of my own mouth.



So there we were, standing next to the ice rink, playing one of our favorite games, the Guess Which Kid Will Fall Next game.

Jadon – “That’s three in a row for me. I am so good at this game.”

Valancy Jane – “You must be in league with Satan. You’re good at this game but you are soooo going to hell for it.”

Jadon – “Hell?”

Valancy Jane – “Don’t worry, that way we won’t have to miss each other.”

Jadon – *laughs*

Valancy Jane – “I think it’s a lot like this, heaven and hell. Heaven is a beautiful white skating rink, where everyone glides in circles. Hell is all around it, people standing around, guessing who’ll fall next.”



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  1. LOVE the red coat. LOVE. That is perfect on you, that colour. I am so in love with you in that coat.

    Also… don’t you live in Southern California? Is there ICE there? Other than ice cream?

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