Ok. Fine.


So it was me who entered McGuyver in the Secret Santa gift pool.  (His gift hints?  Dental floss, a blank cassette tape, and six tennis balls.)  I was the one who did that.

And yes, I signed up myself and Sam up for the engineering department potluck to bring, respectively, “da noize” and “da funk.”  (Per the instructions on the sign up sheet, we need to bring “enough for six people.”  Which should be no problem.)  That was also me.

And sure, I wrapping papered Twinnie’s cube, and put the glowing snowman in her desk chair.  I can’t exactly deny that THAT was me.


But that’s not proof that I was the one who put those four glowing toy soldiers in the conference room this morning. 

You can’t prove anything.


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  1. I think we need to hire Lisslo for your defense. Of course it probably doesn’t help that you’re holding the fifth glowing soldier in your hand right now, does it?

  2. Dude, can I hire you to work in my office? You’d make the place so much fun! And I’m tired of being the only girl here. No one notices when I come in with a new haircut. Or wants to discuss the New Kids reunion. Or has an opinion on which nail polish color matches my sweater.

  3. *GASP* MACGYVER who’s idea was it. and who brought in all the decorations to use.
    where is the twinnie reference in all of this who at least was somewhere at the basis of the ideas!!


    i wish you were here right now. i could use some twin cheering up…..

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