New fangled ones are better.


Coworker – *walks into the lobby and sees the tree*  *takes a deep breath*  “Oooooh.  It smells like an old fashioned Christmas in here.”

Valancy Jane – *looks up*  *sniffs*  “Grandpa’s beer breath?  Tacos?  Awkward small talk?”  *sniff, sniff*  *shakes head*  “I don’t smell it.”  *shrugs and smiles*


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  1. To add (not from personal experience but just for the fun) Mom’s abandoment on Christmas Eve? The depression of her leaving? Her crazy boyfriend who burned down the christmas tree with a blowtorch because I didn’t know where she went? The mysterious baby that showed up on my porch eight months later that has her eyes? Raising a child, on your own at age 16? Dropping out of High school to flip burgers just to pay the bills? Your dreams shattered? Yeah, I guess so. HAPPY FREAKING CHRISTMAS!

  2. oh geezuz. I smell it. I smell it. 😉

    the world needs more Vj’s at the front desk.

    That’s all I know for a fact.

    My opinion on everything else just varies from day to day.

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