In 8-15 years, I’ll be raving about it.


Rhett says:
Have you seen “Dark Knight” yet?

Valancy Jane says:

Rhett says:

Valancy Jane says:
I rarely see movies, until they’re on tv on a Sat. morning.
So Dark Knight, no, Overboard, many many times.


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  1. Seriously? As seriously as I do?

    I love it so much that I own it. On dvd. Even though it’s on TV all the time.

    Like… ALL the time.

    Also, when it’s ON TV? I watch it. With commercials. Cause it’s different.

  2. hahah… you were expecting a bunch of WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’VE NEVER….


    Truth is there are two types of people in this world. Those who’ve watched Pretty in Pink twenty thousand times and those who don’t care to watch it even once.

    I feel the same way about Say Anything. It was a complete waste of the $7.00 I spent on it and the hour and half of my life that I’ll never get back. LOL

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