A part of my complete breakfast …


Valancy Jane says:
I once met a girl who said she’d never had a potato chip in her entire life.

Jonny says:
Was she from earth?

Valancy Jane says:
Obviously, she was an actress living in LA.

Jonny says:
She was probably acting at the time.

Valancy Jane says:
No, by looking at her, you would believe she’d never had a potato chip.

Jonny says:
Nobody in the world – and even more certainly, nobody in America – has never eaten a single potato “chip”
Nobody in Europe either.
Maybe there’s still some tribes in the rainforest that have never eaten them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t WANT to.

Valancy Jane says:
She asked me if they were good.
I might have ruined her career, because I told her the truth.


2 responses »

  1. You told her the truth? So you told her that chips are the YUMMIEST THING EVER?

    That is almost cruel.

    Although really, the fact that she hadn’t had any up until then was possibly more cruel.

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