So people have said …


… that my blended family is confusing.

But I say, as if it’s hard to know who your family is.


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  1. The “alternative family” is soooooo chic these days!

    And a biological family is hard pressed to find.

    Family is who surrounds you with love and life is what you make of it.

  2. No, darling.

    Maybe they know what their OWN family is, because they can measure that by what they feel, but they can’t know what YOUR family is, because they can’t see what your heart feels.

    That’s what I meant, originally.

  3. Oh, I see. But really, I think if me, my family and a thousand other people were all in one big room, you’d be able to pick out who my family is pretty quickly. They’d be playing with fire, or laughing more than average.

  4. “Family” is a concept I find very similar to “home.” Everyone has their own interpretation of its meaning, and, to the interpreter, it is never wrong, regardless of how unique the interpretation may be.

    Um… that was a bit more pithy than I expected it to be.

    Also, fire!!

  5. Hi sweetie….I’m late to the game here, been a crazy, hazy week! So…speaking of playing with fire…nick brought home a bag of candles from the wreath sales (don’t ask) I tried to stop him but he IS bigger than me now…where are you when I need you? Oh wait, you would be lighting them WITH him…wouldn’t you?? 🙂 We miss you sweetie…check the mail…there may be some pink elephants…or ice skates or some strange combination of both!! xoxo (oh PS…you have a “new” brother”, I have a 2nd son now…he’s precious!! 🙂

  6. hmmm….he could be a mineral, like a diamond or a ruby, definitely precious! His name is Cade & you will LOVE him!! He is 15 yrs old & one of Nick’s best friends…much littler than the giant child.

  7. Except that if your family were in a room with my family, there would be lots and lots of laughter and playing with fire and we would be indistinguishable. Pyromania is one of the things that distinguishes my “immediate” family from the rest of my “extended” family (and, as my father would say, so is the presence of a sense of humor). But then maybe we’d all blend into the same family.

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