Always professional in front of customers.


Chocolate Shop Jesse – “Oh hey you!”  *stands up to hug*

Valancy Jane – “Make me some coffee, bitch.”

Chocolate Shop Jesse- “Suck my dick!”

Valancy Jane – “COFFEE. FIRST.”


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  1. The fact that there is even a discussion about which comes first, coffee or dick, is just one more reason why I call the Internets my hot sexy lovah!

  2. hrm. i say coffee before dick. unless we’re talking about morning sex, in which case, having coffee first is just criminal. why go all the way to the kitchen when you have a naked man willing and ready right next to you?

  3. True about the situation not being first thing in the morning.

    Question: do you know this coffee person personally or did you get to know him through the coffee shop? Just curious seeing as you have a talent of making immediate best friends no matter where you go. OR where you aren’t (as an example of this one is Sam, your work temp who covered for you while you were on vacation…. you came back and immediately became buddies)

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