“Nothing is ever lost, it is only misplaced.”


Today I came home, tossed down my groceries and whimpered “gotta pee, gotta pee” as I hoped over the corner of the couch with my roommate still sitting on it, peed, washed my hands and then came out and picked up a small package on the coffee table.

What slid out of the package, the package with no return address, made me shake, and then cry. And then shake and cry.

It was my wallet.

Mind you, not my purse. Still out an iphone and keys and everything. But I have my wallet back. I have my room key back.

That key made me feel like something wasn’t lost to me. And when it came back, it was all the sign I needed.

Nothing is ever lost
It is only
If we look
We can find
– Alice Walker
from Absolute Trust in the Goodness of the Earth


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  1. This just…Veaj, this made me so happy for you! *HUGE SMILE* Happy ending with the return of the key and more happy endings to come. Indeed.

  2. Well no.
    For one thing, I’m assuming the person who sent it to me is not the thief. I’m guessing the thief rummaged through my bag, prolly took my cash and iPhone and prolly tossed the other stuff aside as they went. It’s a big purse, and if they planned on stealing any more bags that night, they’d prolly want to unload it.
    I’m guessing the person who sent it back just found it on the street and is a good samaritan.

    For another thing, I understand need. Maybe the person who stole it really needed it. Or thought they did. Whatever. They felt they needed my money, I felt I would die with out that key card. We both might be wrong about that. Whatever. I just don’t care. Money is just money. Annoyed sure. But whatever. I don’t care. I just wanted that card back, I have it.

    That said, if they’re out there, I would like it back, I won’t report them.

  3. I must be a cranky cow then. When I got one card back from a recent wallet theft (no wallet? Just one card? And the lotto registration card not the keycard or credit card? Boo.) I was cross. Good for you!

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