Going home now …


… to sit out on the porch and collect more airplane shadows.

See, I’ve always had this superstitution that when an airplane shadow touches you, it’s good luck.  And then I moved next to an airport, something I like to call stacking the deck.  Anyway. 

I’ve been storing up my magic, and now I’m throwing it all Ezra-wards.  If you feel so inclined, join in whatever way you do.


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  1. Great superstition. I may need to include it in my exploration of luck over on my blog.

    I’ve been handing out found pennies randomly to people seemingly in need of luck (’cause, well, we all do). Many found pennies worth of luck to Ezra.

    VJ- I’m not a bangs fan (I lived through the 80’s and my big “half-bang” was not a success) but yours look really good. Thanks for marching with your facebook lover.

    Note to Amber- I just e-mailed you from my hotmail account and I would genuinely like to hear about your new or reinvented blog. I read VJ every week or two, obviously I like the exuberant crazies of the world (and I teach college, many forms of crazy, I like, including what I’ve seen of yours).

    Cheers, SpSq

  2. *went over to give some love to Ezra* Squirrel, I got your e-mail, thanks! I will totally let you know because honestly, it will be really soon. I can’t stay away.

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