I thought I was doing so well.


I didn’t notice my face was wet.  The tears had soaked through my collar before I noticted them at all.

Still, we’re calling this progress.


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  1. You ARE doing well.

    I’ve decided that sometimes the fact that you feel that you’re not doing well is enough to make your progress receed. Which is another way of going backwards. So by not acknowledging it as a setback, you are in fact moving FORWARD, and that really IS progress.

    So I toast you for this reason, among many.

  2. Chica, you are doing so, so very well. The fact that you cry about about it now does not mean that you aren’t making progress, it just means that your heart is still responsive to emotion. *GREAT BIG HUGS AND YOU HAVE EARNED THE PUPPY THAT IS GOING WITH US TO THE WHITE HOUSE*

  3. *toasts and falls over giggling* In effort to toasted my really pretty and also more so wonderful friend, *hiccup* Veaj, *twirls* I want to raise this cup *takes another drink* and not only guzzle from itttttttt, but to raise it in a show of showmanship and love to all those who are as wonderful as Veaj……*pause and blink* except for those who are not. Now we must bring on the puupies! *jazz hands*

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