Rejected Work ID Badge Pictures.


My work badge is just one of the many things that have to be replaced after my purse was stolen, and in a (quite successful!) bid to cheer me up, the IT guy said I didn’t have to use the mug shot taken before, and that I could chose my own picture for my new badge. 

sarah20barrickIf you wanna know why that’s so great, look at this.  This is my old work ID picture, snapped without warning on my first day here, almost five years ago.  I look retarded, and I don’t mean that in a slang sense, I mean that I look mentally disabled.  As it’s considered poor taste to impersonate the mentally disabled, a new picture is good.  A good picture is great.

A few of my suggestions were dismissed out of hand.  This one for my face being too small to make out.


This one for …. well, not being of me.  It’s Helena, actually.  And it’s a genius picture and I figured if it can’t be on HER work badge, it should at least be on someone’s.


And this one because apparentally we DO have a dress code, and it doesn’t allow for wearing a pillow case and a grin.  I’m glad we cleared that up today because I was planning on wearing that tomorrow.


This one was greeted with, and I quote, “SERIOUSLY NOW.”


I could not convince them that this was taken recently enough.  Although they did acknowledge that I still a rather accurate likeness.


But I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll accept this one.  Here’s hoping! 



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  1. You can see your face MUCH more clearly in all of those (including the one of Helena)besides the one that was used before. What kind of lighting did they use? STAGE lights? You’d have to have make-up like a drag queen (my favorite) in order for anyone to see your face!

  2. I think your i.d. badge should be a montage of ALL those pictures and the recent one of you and your ass in the bathroom mirror! HUZZAH!!!

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