I simply don’t acknowledge that you potentially could be uninterested in this.


We’re down to the final four on America’s Next Top Model, so let me tell you how I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel about them.

Sam (top) and Mckey (below) I feel the same way about. Can’t muster up any serious emotions and I honestly feel like I’ve seen them before, in a general way.America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model

Marjorie, Marjorie.  When you’re good, you’re amazing.  When you’re bad, you’re a spiraling neurotic mess, painful to watch.  I fear you will be the most talented model to ever lose the competition.  That said, this week’s teaser showed you getting drunk and kissing someone.  This is exactly the sort of way to keep my love, Marjorie.   Getting drunk and molesting a male model is simply the only way to  go, darling.America's Next Top Model

Analeigh, darling.  I like you so much that I always wanted you to be better.  Thank you for indulging me and improving so much. America's Next Top ModelAmerica's Next Top Model

Now go get ’em, kitten.


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  1. DUDE! I totally watched that last episode! It was the first one I’ve watched of this new season. Although I haven’t been watching, it didn’t take a regular to know that Elina was a total BEYOTCH and I was happy she got booted!!!

    So, does this mean that Analeigh is your pick to win?

  2. Yeah, but at least she was consistent. I was amazed at the way the other girls would sometimes say things that they had to have known by then would start Elina up. I figure after the first week, anyone who got in a fight with her deserved whatever they got. Don’t poke the bear.

    And I don’t pick to win, I just root for the ones I like.

  3. HAHAHA! Look at me calling someone a BEYOTCH after watching them for less than 30 minutes on TEEVEE!! I should totally be America’s Next Top Assumption Based BEYOTCH Spotter!

  4. I try to every week then I forget. Princess Twinkie watches it though so next time it’s on I’ll watch it with her and ask her questions to get all caught up on the drama!!

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