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skinny-legs-and-allA few years back I read a book, and I loved it.  LOVED IT.  Adored it.  Laughed, cried, took it to bed with me.  One of the best books I’d ever read.  Meant to tell you all about it at the time, but then I misplaced it.  And couldn’t think of the title.  Or the author.  My google searches of the some of the twisting plotlines, “can of beans and painted stick cross desert,” “waitress and welder honeymoon in trailer shaped like turkey,” and “restuarant patrons can’t agree on watching dance of seven veils or superbowl” wasn’t yielding any results.

And then, just like that, one day I found it.

Go read, go make up for lost time.

 This website is a wonderous swirl of nostalgic and terrifying.  Ladies (or gents too, I suppose), which one of these lovely hairdos did you rock back in the day?  I’ll have to admit to this one, and having had these bangs.

Jesse gave me a cd of a band he discoved while in Australia, called Hercules in New York, I believe he called them.  I’m not certain of the name, and can’t find them on itunes, but if you have that sort of internet voodoo, to find obscure bands, keep in mind that I’m loving them, and Jesse seems ready to import the entire band and store them in his garage.  So …… buy now.


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  1. Oh, AWESOME! Also, seriously about my brother. I think he wants to keep you as pets in his garage. I can think of worse fates, though. It’s tidier than most houses, and Bethany is a great cook.

  2. i just reread that last month actually, and it’s one of my favorites as well.

    you should have just asked me though. i mean, if anyone’s read a book about a can of beans, it’s me.

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