Things I wonder about.


Do homeless people like the sort of invisibility we fakely give them? Would they prefer we not acknowledge them? Why do we do that? I can imagine a certain level of embarrassment at being visibly poor and perhaps dirty, but who likes feeling invisible? Nobody, right? Am I right to smile or nod or say hello, as I would anyone else I passed by closely? I do wonder. I don’t get a enthusiastic response to my hellos, but isn’t that better? If it’s better, why do they look at me like I’m nuts? Should I be less concerned about this aspect of the issue, or does it matter very much?

Also, why does my roommate throw out my 24 hour old burrito from the refrigerator, but leave that hunk of cheese that I’m not even sure IS cheese, it’s that old?

How the hell is it November already?

What would you like for Christmas?

Who’s going to watch Australia with me?


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  1. I know what you mean about the invisible thing. I think there are all kinds of homeless people. The kind who want to be noticed long enough to get some change, the kind that don’t want to be noticed at all, by anyone, the kind who want someone to pull them out of their situation, the kind who just want to disappear. Depending on what they’re used to and what they actually want, I suspect you’d either get curious stares back or people would wonder whether you’re crazier than them.

    Depending on whether I get a weird vibe, I’ll smile at them. And if they ask me for money and I don’t have it to give, I’ll still look at them and smile, because I think it’s the one thing that you CAN give every time. It costs you nothing and the odds are much higher that it will have a positive effect on another person, than a negative effect.

  2. When you say “watch Australia,” what are we watching them for?

    Has Australia done a crime? Is there a plot in Australia? Or is Australia perhaps poised to make a wonderful scientific discovery? Why do we have to keep our eye on Australia?

    Explain this to me, and I will gladly watch Australia.

  3. That’s true, how can I assume every homeless person would like the same thing?

    What a neat trick. Please don’t clap again, though, I really like December.

    I’ll see what I can arrange. There miiiiiiiiiiiiiiight be a bomb threat to your building.

    Yes, for ALL of the reasons you suggest, and also because it’s a movie coming out.

  4. From what I’ve heard, there are homeless people who have chosen to live like that. But, maybe they would prefer you flashed them instead of smiled? Or a wink. Sometimes, I think I would be happier if strangers winked at me than said hello.

    November is lovely here. We have lots of naked trees.

    I would like an outside Christmas tree. But I don’t know what kind to get. Something in the pine, evergreen or fir family. But I don’t know which. Ponderosa pine? Any suggestions?

    I forgot about the movie ‘Australia’. Although, the preview looks great. And Baz Luhrmann is golden with all of his films.

  5. Most homeless people have chosen to be where they are for many reasons. Mental instability, they’re hippies at heart and they love the outdoors, drugs, or simply to stay away from their overbearing mother in laws.

    Either way, don’t stare too hard because if they are mentally unstable they will think you’re the devil and the little voice inside their head will tell them to rip your eyeballs out and eat them. Or they will think you’re one bad LSD trip and will ignore you, or they will think you’re their rehab counselor coming to get them and will beat you, or they will think you’re their overbearing mother in law in disguise, looking for you to tell you what a worthless piece of shit son in law they are and they will beat you.

    Either way, nothing good will come of it. Walk away.

    I want a penis shaped beanie for Christmas.

    Australia? it’s what’s for dinner.

  6. OH I want to see that movie! The one with Nicole Kidman, right? Looks great. The preview somehow reminds me of The Painted Veil, which was an excellent, excellent film. MOOOOVIES!

  7. My mom IS always on. LOL it’s her motherly duty to ALWAYS be there for me whenever I call. IF I ever call. Gosh I haven’t called her for about a week. I’d better call her now.

    Nah, I’ll wait till midnight. Keeps her on her toes.

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