Now that the election is over …


… we can get back to the truly IMPORTANT things, like America’s Next Top Model.

I kid (sorta), but really, I’m tired. After today, I have a new rule. I will not debate with you any proposition you haven’t read. I’m not longer even remotely or politely interested in what your pastor, or email forward told you.

Research, people. This stuff isn’t hard to find. It’s fine if you don’t read them.  I didn’t read them all.  Some that I am not very passionate about, I merely skimmed, but I also don’t go around spouting opinions on something I skimmed.

This seems basic.  It SHOULD go without saying, right?


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  1. People’s true colors always come out around election time. You can either choose to be informed and intelligent or spew off a bunch of racist random shit at will.

    And research? What’s that? LOL I get all my research at!

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