A wee bit drunk off victory, and free champagne from the lesbian wine bar on the corner.

Hello, lover.

Hello, lover.

I would like to salute some great Americans.

Our new president-elect, Barack Obama. While I have never agreed with him across the board, I had no doubt that he was the man best qualified to lead us on the issues that matter most to me. I was proud to vote for him, and the change he stands for.

A gracious loser, and hero, John McCain. While he wasn’t my first choice, he also wasn’t my last choice, and I think our country has benefited greatly from having a citizen, soldier and politician in him.

To Joe Biden, an honest man who once said something I will forever <strike>butcher his words</strike> quote, something to the effect of that he never doubts a person’s motivation, only their judgment, and to Sarah Palin, who I have openly NOTendorsed, but who has by her ambition has paved the way for other women to seek the highest offices in our country.

And Aurora, who decided to watch her chosen candidate lose not from the privacy of her couch or the comforting arms of a Republican, but like the classy, informed, secure broad that she is, she did not hesitate to join me at a place where she was alone in her leanings.

Maybe we didn’t always vote the same, but we have always acknowledged each others good intentions for our country. We are a wonderful example of a democratic, mature, gay facebook marriage. *giggles*

I kid about the sex, but not about the love and admiration. And she is the only running mate I’d ever nominate for myself.



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  1. YIPPPPEEEE! I am so high on happiness right now! I wish all of America could respect and love each other even when we have different views, the way you and the wonderful Aurora do.

  2. Now you have to publish that last comment Veaj so that my other comment makes friggen sense! HEHEHE! Someone has an Obama hangover this morning!

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