So nobody picked it up by mistake, or turned it in.

My purse was stolen.

The only card I was carrying was behind the bar on a tab, with my id, and my iphone’s sim card tray was having issues staying in, so I’d pulled it out and put it back in a little cheapo phone.   So I have those.  I’m not ungrateful.

But the following is now gone.  The only copy of my car key.  Meaning I’ll have to pay someone to rip out the whole lock mechanism and put a new one in.  My house keys.  Two legal files I’d carried home that day, which includes my home address and license plate number, and the proof of my graduation from that lovely little set of classes I took this summer, meaning that if I’m ever called upon to prove I took them, I won’t be able to.  I’ll have to take them again.  (They shred your file upon graduation, for privacy reasons.)  My iphone.  Yes, my beloved Gala, the only camera I owned after my camera died this summer.

And a host of little things, that it’s so annoying to be without.  My favorite crochet hook.  The little green alien that Bethany and I won at the fair this summer.  Aspirin, makeup, mints, Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac.  A gorgeous red clutch I bought at a yard sale.  My favorite comfy flip flops for walking home.  My sunglasses.  And of course, the bag itself.  GAWD, I loved that bag.

But I didn’t cry until I realized that I’d lost one tiny, insignificant little piece of plastic.  And then, oh, I cried.

It was a room key for a hotel room in Chicago.  I had this stupid little superstition that if I ever really needed to, as long as I had that key, I could go back, somehow.


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  1. Sooo sorry to hear about this, V.J. I’ve been there – had our carry-ons and luggage stolen on our honeymoon. I know it’s no fun.

    I wanted to tell you before you go get two, three, maybe more (doors, trunk, ignition) locks replaced in your car – you can have (maybe) a locksmith or (definitely) the dealer make you a new key. Much less costly.

    Oh, if they know your car and address, you might want those changed. Sorry 😦

  2. Gah! I’m so sorry! Do you know where it was stolen? I’d start my own investigation. I had a wallet stolen, but luckily the gas station attendant found it in the bathroom trash can, sans cash.

  3. Oh MAN. When something like this happens, you feel sooo violated and you never trust mankind again. I always keep my purse with me now no matter where I go, even on the dancefloor.

    BASTARDS. I’m sending them the Twinkie curse!!! >-(

  4. Colsy – Oh honey, I already tried everything, talked to everyone from lost and found, the club owner, the cleaning staff, security.
    It’s gone.

    Twink – The one time I set it down, for two seconds, under the supposedly watchful eye of a security guard.

  5. What hurts worse is always the sentimental stuff. When I lost my phone a few months ago I coulda given a shit about the phone.. it was the pictures of my kids with Will Clark which I hadn’t downloaded yet that made me cry.

    I sowwy!!! HUGS!

  6. I will add the guy comment. I would totally kick their ass for you. What really sucks is that your phone service could easily track your phone but they won’t.

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