Well, however it’s supposed to go …


… I’m going to treat this with sea air and coffee and a nap in the sun, on my front porch swing.

And all my friends with their favorite home remedy, I wonder if they know that THEY are my remedy.


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  1. I thought you would get a kick out of this: So, the other day Tyler and I were watching t.v. and one of those YES on Prop 8 commercials came on. It was all serious and Ty was all, “They need to lighten these commericals up! Maybe people would pay more attention if they didn’t make it sound like the end of the world was upon us. I could totally write a theme song for their commericals! *thinks a moment* Okay Mom, this goes to the tune of Hakuna Matatta from The Lion King:

    “Yes on Prop 8,
    What a wonderul phrase!
    It means no more marital rights,
    For all of those gays!
    It’s our Homo Free, Philosophy,
    YES on Prop 8!”

    You know they’re going to be knocking on my door!

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