How does it go?


Feed a cold, drink a fever?


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  1. No. Feed a cold, starve a fever. Whenever you have a cold, people are always trying to feed you chicken noodle soup and OJ, right? It’s feed a cold. Even if you can’t taste anything. 😉

  2. Hold a russian ballet in your living room and feed the kitties that are arriving in hordes to give you kitty kisses. Or something like that.

  3. YOU’re nice.

    I just watched Journey to the Center of the Earth. I recommend that as well, since I know you will also appreciate the wonderful talent of Mr Brendan Fraser. Also, his delicious man muscles.

    You know. You’ve seen George of the Jungle a time or two.

  4. OK well not to get technical here or anything but actually sex really IS a good remedy for colds and such. They say it releases a certain hormone that increases your immune system.

    It also works for pain, headaches etc.

    In fact I call my hubby my “aspirin.” 😉

    When I come home and say, “Baby, I need some aspirin” he already knows what Im talking ’bout! ehehehehe

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