Sam made me earrings.


Apparently there is nothing Sam can’t do, which is totally overkill, because she’s hot.  She doesn’t have to be this nice.  SHE’S MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK BAD.  That bitch.  Now excuse me while I go make out with her.


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  1. I have figured it out. It has just now clicked with me. The reason you love green. You look wonderful in green. Wonderful!

    Also, I heart Sam, officially. Please let her know.

  2. Awww…thank you Therese…I heart you back. Should I make you earrings too?

    And my dearest VJ…I love you darling…I’ll be working on our sushi costumes this weekend…can’t wait to be rollin’ through downtown together…get it? Rollin….

  3. I’m sorry but I’m married to Sam too, why can’t she live near me? Is it something that’s in our contract? *Throws butterflies strapped with lovenotes to Sam and Veaj*

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