Like trains in the night.


It was too dark and fast for Lou to really see much, but when I found out that my train would be passing hers, I got everyone on my train’s car to wave to her, including a drag queen and the train’s engineer.

If there’s one thing I ever hoped to show Lou, it’s that if you ask the world to be awesome to and for and with you, it rarely disappoints.  And I think she knows that, which is why I think she will change the world.


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  1. I totally had a Valancy Jane day today. It was tres fab! One of my students came in late because there was a pony at school! He was there all day! All shiny and white and perfect. Things went along the same way throughout the day. I have decided to have a Valancy Jane day every day from here on out.

  2. KBird – I LOVE that you would call such a nice day a Valancy Jane day. What a lovely thing to say, and I hope you have a million more Valancy Jane sort of days.

    Kelly – Again, what an amazingly lovely thing to say.

    Holy shit you two, now I’M having a Valancy Jane kind of day.

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