Granting basic civil rights is not a “slippery slope.” Denying them is.


Has it occurred to you that someone might morally object to you next?

Vote No on Prop 8.


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  1. Not sure if my comment was clear, but what I meant was that you hear these people claim that “we need to save the sacitity of marriage and keep it between the man and woman.” So, you are telling me that you care more about the institution of marriage, which is a thing, an idea rather than care about human beings, whose rights you are banning because they don’t fit into your definition of the idea of marriage? Marriage being just that, an idea. It’s like having to choose to save the life of a person and that of a soda can and racing to save the soda can. It makes me sick.

  2. Yes, and for precisely the opposite reason Amber states. She must not be married.
    To trivialize marriage as an “idea” is to have no “idea” what marriage is all about.

    It’s time to see how tolerant you can be…Let the insults begin

  3. I have no insults for you. You must not know me very well. Kindly note that Mrs. Amber and I have not said anything insulting about marriage, simply valued human rights above it.

    If you wanted insults, there ARE women you can go to for that, but they charge a lot of money for it.

  4. (Hee Veaj.) Actually Eric, I am married. But we lived out of wedlock for five years before we got married three years ago. And he is the step-father to my son, who I had out of wedlock. And I have not one ounce of shame for it, despite what others in the world may think about it. I think tolerance amounts to being compassionate not just thinking others want to fight against you when you believe something different and I choose tolerance on the side of compassion.

  5. Sweet of you to stick up for marriage, but if you thought we were running it down, you’d be mistaken. We’re very pro – marriage around here, and even more pro – civil rights.

  6. Hear hear! How very “sanctimonious” must marriage be these days if people can get drunk and married in Vegas on a whim, then have it annulled the next day just ’cause. (It was the ONE time, and I WAS drunk 😉 )

    But seriously, if that’s the platform they’re resting on, to protect marriage blah blah blah, I think there are bigger fish to fry than loving couples who would REALLY be the definition of a loving marriage who just happen to be gay….

    And also vote YES on Prop 2!!! ❤

  7. I would like to know what Eric thinks marriage is. I don’t ask this for any reason but curiousity. So Eric, if you disagree with my view that marriage is an idea, what would you call it? (I say this with respect for your opinion, not as a challenge.)

  8. Hear, hear, on Prop 2!

    And Eric, I don’t think Amber or I use the word “idea” to express something we think of as less weighty. For perspective, I think that freedom, friendship and money are also ideas. Ideas can be very big things.

  9. I think your correct in the concept that marriage is an “idea” and as such it means different things to different people. I believe people who want to protect the concept of marriage are looking at the religious aspect of it, something that cannot be changed according to their religious beliefs. However, I think that those of us that have a more humanist approach believe that everyone should be protected under the civil concept of marriage, certainly people who live in common law relationships are afforded this, so why not extend this to any couple willing to make a life long commitment? (married 16 years btw)

  10. a religious marriage used to go something like this:

    you pick your bride.

    she agrees to cook and clean for you for the rest of her life

    her parents agree as well, but only if you will trade a couple of goats and maybe a horse and a pig to replace the void you will be leaving when you take their daughter.

    you take your newly traded bride home.

    no contracts (marriage license) to sign, no fees to pay the city officials, nothing.

    your names go together in the family tree of life.

    the end.

    the marriage license thing came later when city officials were trying to come up with ways to make money.

    having said all that, I’m voting yes to proposition 8. then I’m starting a petition to make all marriages illegal in every state except for Alaska.

  11. YES, it’s colder than a witches tittie! But it’s a sacrifice people that believe in the “sanctity of marriage and God and all that is holy” should be willing to pay!

    Also, I want to teach those anti gay marriage folks a lesson. How’d THEY like it if the goverment said they aren’t allowed to be married? They’d be voting the hell out of this prop then, wouldn’t they? LOL

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