Last night ….


….. I wrote some long overdue thank you notes (and today I found I could still cash them for full gratitude value) and on an unrelated note, tried to think of a way I could explain a situation that’s arose. 

When people asked if I was his wife, he said yes, we made some jokes, ‘fessed up, and had a good laugh.  Then his daughter asked if I’d be there next time and it all didn’t seem so funny.  Too many people have mistaken me for her, as if even those who don’t know her at all have noticed a conspicuous absence.  She’s the elephant that’s NOT in the room.

She shouldn’t leave such treasures lying around like this. At some point I will go, but the next one to fall in this woman-sized hole might not be so careful.

P.S. I’m keeping one crayon doodled paper heart, and the memory of a look across the dish rack from her husband. Those are mine.


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