What Not To Say To A Young Girl.


“Who do you think would win in a fight, Hannah Montana or Sleeping Beauty?”


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  1. oh no no no…. Sleeping Beauty would throw her crown at Hannah Montana ninja-style, pin her up by her fake arse hair, and sing “Once Upon a Dream” to show her what a singing voice REALLY sounds like au natural, without all the studio bells n whistles!

    ❤ And they called her…. Aurora…

  2. My money’s on Aurora, too.

    Well my make-believe money that I have lots of to bet on these kinds of things.

    Sad I missed the Anne fest.

  3. My money is on REM girl as well.
    Because dude, cartoon characters always win.
    Jun when you think you have them trapped a cute, widdle fuzzy bunny will tie your shoe laces together and you’ll fall down a deep crevass into a village full of smelly trolls.
    Or an Acme Anvil will fall on your head.

  4. In the world of make believe good never fights good. They band together and fight against evil.

    Unless the that “good” fer nuttin’ ho bag flirts with the other “good’s” boyfriend.

    Then it’s on biotches.

  5. Princesses don’t wear weaves. Their natural beauty eminates from within!
    It warms everyone that sees them, and wearing a wig? Puh-lease! That is the worst thing a princess could do! It insults her very nature!

  6. The only thing wrong with a weave is that it can be pulled off at the most inopportune times such as when he’s pulling on your hair while you’re screaming “harder, harder”

    Well, that and plus I could never afford one.


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