What do I know?


Valancy Jane – “Ok, dude.  You’re up next, and you saw how it went with Chip.  I’ll shuffle and set up, while you start thinking of four different woman and the questions you’d want to know about what your life would be like if you marry each of them.

Card Buddy 1 – “Where’s Chip?”

Valancy Jane – *looks out the window*  “Outside, on his phone.”

Card Buddy 1 – “You don’t suppose ……… he’s calling ………”

Card Buddy 2 – “….. one of the girls from the game ….”

Valancy Jane – “I told him the sex with one of them would be great …..”

*worried looks*

Card Buddy 1 – “If he’s proposing ….”

Valancy Jane – *yells*  “Hey Chip!  For entertainment purposes only!!”


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