I’m sure this is highly offensive if you examine it closely.


But it sounds so fun, could it really be so wrong? 

Here’s what I’m thinking.  Whenever my friends say something sweet or funny or adorable, I often respond with something like “Correct!  12 points.”  And I was thinking today that if I actually handed out tickets or something, then at Christmas, I could lay out a bunch of stuffed animals and wonderously tacky plastic toys and my friends could use all their tickets to shop, like at Chuck E. Cheese.

So if you were a really good friend to me all year, you could buy yourself a clock radio, a plastic yo-yo, and one of those chinese finger trap things.  And if you were like, a reallyreallyreally good friend, you could get a big stuffed panda, a box of Nerds candy, and some spider rings.

Tell me this doesn’t sound like the best idea ever.


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  1. It sort of reminds me of a very lewd joke, to do with a guy who took a girl home and she thought he was really wonderful and sensitive because he had all these soft toys… then when they were finished he told her she could have anything she liked from the bottom shelf. I’m sure you get the drift. However, that being said? I think for you, this idea would totally work.

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