I CAN behave sometimes.


In fact, there was only one tiny crack in my otherwise flawless behavior at the wedding of strangers yesterday.  (Strangers to me, I mean, not to each other.)  While signing the guestbook, Jadon and I noted that there was a date column right next to the name column and each and every guest had dutifully written in the date.  As if the bride and groom wouldn’t be able to figure out on which day a guest attended their wedding, a date that I’m relatively sure will stick in their minds for awhile.  Jadon wrote in next to his own name “11-06-09” and I had to crank up the joke a notch with “10000BC” next to mine.

So a minor slip.  But really, I felt like deserved it, after the trial by fire I’d just endured with the “First Anniversary Book” that had been just been passed around previous to the guest book.  When it came around with the instructions to write a note to the bride and groom for them to read one year into the future, I started to shake a little from the strain of not writing some like the following.

“Hey, remember when we had an economy?  That was fun….”

“[Bride’s name], could you tear off the bottom of this note and give it to [Groom’s name] when he drops off your alimony check?


Hey, call me.  [my phone number]  XOXO”

“By now I’m sure you’ve settled in to married life very comfortably, [Groom] coming home every night in his flying car to [Bride], who’s busy in the kitchen, rehydrating powdered pizza.”

“By the time you read this, I’ll be dead.  – All your beautiful illusions.”

But I managed to write, with a laughter-shaken hand, something sweet and brief about how they must be enjoying their first taste of the joy they’d always have together. 

I WAS GOOD, and now I demand a cookie.


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  1. I had a cookie shaped like a ghost today. It was good and a little scary. I would have shared it with you because you DO deserve a cookie.

  2. I am so proud of you Veaj. But I’m sorry, that last quote is freaking hilarious and if someone would have written that in my book, I would have taken them on my honeymoon.

    (Plus, GOD is it the truth!)

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