Hello, my name is “and guest.”


Ok, maybe it was the WORST DJ ON EARTH (no but really, it was like the soundtrack to infidelity, heartbreak, and suicide, alternating with more Ace of Base than I was aware existed, I can only assume the DJ secretly HATED the bride and groom), maybe the only thing I knew about the bride and groom was that they resembled each other so strongly that I’m glad to hear there was a blood test before the ceremony, maybe the only booze in a mile radius was in the stomachs of the groomsmen (no seriously, a bunch of sauced virgins “dancing”), maybe the ex-NKiM’s girlfriend was the maid of honor, and talking to me as if she KNEW how her boyfriend felt about me, (*eyeroll*) and maybe all that occurred after driving for like, EVER to get there.

We mocked the music, but we danced. The bride and groom looked very (identically) happy. The cake was fantastic. Out there in the middle of nowhere, the sun was warm and there were horses. I made a new friend, and was reminded of why I love Jadon so very very hard, that in the oddest of situations, we laugh and we dance in that little private world we always carry in our pockets.

May you all, and the bride and groom, be so lucky.


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  1. You are so cute Veaj but can I admit that a part of me was hoping that ASS Monday was going to become a regular installment on your blog?

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