He slept most of the train ride.


VJ and Tibs – *step off the train*

Tibs – *moving very slowly*

Valancy Jane – “I thought I might have to poke you just now, for our stop.”

Tibs – “So tired.”

Valancy Jane – *ducks behind Tibs and puts her hands on his elbows*  “Want me to push you through the station, and towards your work?”

Tibs – “Actually if you could just push me through the whole day … that would be great.  I could sleep.”

Valancy Jane – “Hahahahaha!  Tomorrow everyone would be asking why you tap danced so much.  You’d wake up to wonder why your teeth hurt, your hair was cut, and all your money was gone.  I might have plenty of energy, but I’m the worst possible person to give that sort of power.”


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